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There are different techniques available to whiten teeth including ‘in office bleaching’/ laser whitening and the ‘take home’ system. At Kilfeather Dental we offer the ‘in office bleaching’ and the ‘take home’ system.

Research has shown the ‘take home’ system to be the most effective method of whitening teeth. It has been found that the ‘in office bleaching’ relapses and does not last as long as the ‘take home’ system. For this reason most cases we treat at Kilfeather Dental will be with the ‘take home’ method but we will always discuss, with you, what is right for you.

Teeth whitening is a highly effective way of lightening the natural colour of your teeth without removing any tooth surface..

What is the procedure?

Take home system

  • Impressions are taken to make custom fitted delivery trays which will fit you mouth like a small gum shields
  • Whitening trays are fitted and checked for comfort.
  • We will give you detailed instructions about how to use the product and where to store it and all the whitening solution you will need to complete your treatment
  • Over a 3-4 week period the trays are worn every night with the whitening product on the teeth
  • We will arrange a review appointment to check you progress

Some results from Kilfeather Dental


Teeth Whitening