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Oral Cancer

Oral Cancer

Oral Cancer is cancer that affects the lips, tongue, cheeks and throat. At every examination appointment at Kilfeather Dental we will complete a full cancer screening and have been doing this, probably without you noticing! Unfortunately the incidence of oral cancer is increasing which is why it is even more important to attend for you regular dental check-up, even if you are not experiencing any problems

What causes mouth cancer?

  • The biggest risk factors are smoking and alcohol. If consumed together the risk is even greater
  • Over exposure to sunlight can also increase the risk of caner to the lips.

What does mouth cancer look like?

  • It can present in all different forms and can affect any part of the oral cavity.
  • It can occur in people who have their own teeth or who have false teeth
  • If you are worried about a particular area in your mouth that does not disappear/improve in 2 week then consult your dentist.

Very often lesions or areas in the mouth that appear abnormal are not cancer but it is always very important to have them checked by the dentist.

At Kilfeather Dental we will refer you for a second opinion from a consultant immediately. This is usually through the Oral Medicine department in the Dublin Dental Hospital.