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Dental restorations are placed on teeth to restore lost tooth structure due to decay, leakage or fracture.

Teeth Fillings

Amalgam Restorations

These fillings are silver in colour and are usually placed in teeth at the back of the mouth. Amalgam fillings have, in the past, lasted longer than white fillings, however the technology used in white fillings has improved enormously in recent years.

Composite (white) restorations:

White fillings are made mostly from glass particles, synthetic resins and a setting ingredient. They have previously been considered inferior in the back teeth but there have been significant advancements in the composition of white fillings, which makes their properties mostly comparable with amalgam fillings.

  • Are they as good as silver amalgam fillings?Composite is strong but not as hard wearing as amalgam. The life expectancy of a composite filling will depend greatly on its size, location in the mouth and how heavily your teeth come together when you bite.
  • Do I need to replace all my silver filings with white ones?It is usually only recommended to change your fillings when an old filling needs to be replaced. At this point they can be replaced with composite if clinically suitable.