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Dentures, also known as false teeth are prosthetic devices used to replace a few or all missing teeth

Partial Dentures

  • Dentures in Wicklow

    This is a ‘plate’ with a number of teeth on it. It can be fabricated from a plastic- acrylic material or have a cobalt/chrome base which allows clasps to be used on your existing teeth to aid the retention of the denture. Both types are available at Kilfeather Dental and following a detailed examination we will advise you which is most suitable for you.

Full/Complete Dentures

  • Treatments Dentures

    These types of dentures aim to replace all your missing teeth. These are generally made from an acrylic material but can be reinforced with a metal framework for durability.

    Conventional dentures as above are removable devices and rely on the existing teeth (if present) and hard and soft tissues in the mouth for stability and retention.


Implant-retained dentures

  • Dentures Treatments in Wicklow

    With advancements in the use of dental implants, fixed dentures can be placed over implants, which can provide a very comfortable, non-removable way of replacing missing teeth. These are known as implant-retained dentures and are suitable in certain cases.


How do I look after my denture?

  • The denture should be removed every night. The dentist will show you and explain in detail how to clean your denture. There are many denture cleaning agents on the market that you can soak you denture in overnight although some are not suitable for metal based dentures so it is best to check with your dentist first.