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Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges

A fixed bridge is made when the teeth on either side of a gap are crowned and these two crowns are joined together by placing a false tooth in the space.

  • Can I always have a space restored with a bridge?

    Bridges are a very effective way of filling a gap in the mouth but their success depends on a few factors. The teeth on either side of the space must be strong enough to support the bridge and they must have good surrounding bone. We will always discuss all options for replacing your missing teeth and decide, with you, the best option for your case specifically.

  • How would I benefit from a bridge?

    Bridges can fill a space and thus maintain the shape of your face, restore your ability to properly chew, prevent remaining teeth from moving out of position and distribute your biting forces evenly.

  • What is involved in making a bridge?

    Following the consultation appointment for treatment planning your bridge you will need at least 2 more appointments. At the first visit your teeth will be prepared for the bridge and a mold taken which will be sent to the laboratory where your bridge will be fabricated. This normally takes 2-3 weeks and you will have a temporary bridge in place for this timeperiod. At the second visit your bridge will be checked and fitted with a permanent cement.

  • Are bridges expensive?

    Although a bridge may seem expensive it will last many years. It will also cosmetically enhance your appearance and improve your bite and function. The fabrication of a dental bridge involves considerable amount of skill by the dentist and laboratory technician and there is a significant cost for the materials involved.

  • How do I look after my bridge?

    To prevent bad breath, gum disease and new decay beneath the bridge you will need to clean your bridge daily. You will need to clean beneath the false tooth every day also. At you final appointment when the bridge is fitted we will show you in detail how to clean your bridge effectively with floss and interdental brushes.